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Qatar heat by Julie V
Hi Ma, John, JH, Jen and Julian! Do you miss me? Must be about midnight your time, 6am here. The sky turns grey about 5 am and I’m wide awake even after getting to bed late. Yesterday was the first day that marg and I didn’t get to rest in the afternoon, groan. She’s doing about as well as I am. Mr. and Mrs. Donohue went to a hotel for the weekend so we are babysitting the pets, 3 cats and a dog—hardship, huh? This family is so accommodating, just lovely to us. I don’t know how we will ever repay them.

Had another wonderful visit with John Wesley yesterday! We went early and had a little over an hour in a room together. The lady guard barely searched us so we were able to deliver a few things to him and he gave us a 7 page story, note to nick, and a shopping list. He also had me wear his reading glasses out to take to the optometrist next week. I see now what he uses dental floss for, not his teeth! He’s like granddad, fixing everything with a little floss! John Wesley sure looks good, he has gained back a little weight so I wouldn’t call him thin, and his clothing doesn’t smell like smoke. He looks about the same as always and he is as funny as ever. Sounds like he is writing like mad, some good stories that he wants to sneak out. Oh, Swarna received 4 packages of stories that we will pick up Monday—ma, guess your persistence worked with the embassy. Maybe Majdalany made a phone call since we will be meeting with him and knew about the backlog of mail. It is smart to mail stuff to the attorney’s office instead of home.

After our visit with John yesterday, Margaret and I packed a lunch and drove to the west side of the country to Zekreet, a little village. We passed the camel racing farm and saw lots of fast looking camels, ha! We tried to drive all the way to the sea in our 4inch clearance rental car but got stuck in the sand and had to walk until we found some families having a picnic, and borrowed 2 brits to pull us out with their beautiful 4-wheel drive. After, being very careful not to get stuck again as they were about the only people there, we sat in the sea for 15 min, quickly ate a sandwich, and got out of the sun without burns. The drive back on a beautiful 8 lane divided highway with NO traffic. It was wonderful! When we got back we had to run to the store and pick up things for more cookie baking. We are using cookies for gifts wherever we go, the jail guards get so excited over treats.


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