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Note to John Wesley by Janell Rose
Dearest Julie and Margaret - we were so pleased and RELEVED to see your post on RoseNose today. Thank you for keeping us informed. Our Blessings to John Wesley and for the two of you on this trip. It appears that you are doing a very good job and the trip was really necessary to aid our dear John. So much more can be accomplished and more quickly - face to face. So we hope the rest of your trip gives more results and aids John in getting back to the States.

To bring John up to date on what is happening in our area - James and Sandy came in last night - we had a nice visit - then went to eat at Olive Garden - did a little more visiting - then to bed. James and Sandy are off this morn for her treatment at Southwestern Medical. Sandy is such a Dear and in spite of these long trips to Dallas - they have to be difficult for her but we are enjoying her visits tremendously. She looks wonderful and her spirits are good. Sandy does have a terrible sore mouth which really affects her eating - she is having to eat all soft foods and she says she just craves something "crunchy." Just hope her Doctor can give her something to help with the soreness in her mouth. We are priviledged to have her this time until Thursday afternoon. James made this trip with her as he has a Corporate Meeting with Metlife at DFW Airport. He is going to check in at the Airport hotel tonight and his meeting will go through Thursday noon. I am planning on taking Sandy over on Knox Street in Dallas to walk around tomorrow and if she feels like it by Northpark. It may be too much - so just have to see how her day goes. Then in the evening we may go out to the Hensy's. Eileen said they have a great Take and Bake Pixxa place, so she will pick up some after school, make a salad and I am going to try and get around to making a Lemon Pound Cake today and take for dessert.

Eileen Is running on full throttle right now - her school won't be out till end of May with the Swine Flue - all the Tact test, etc. she has had a difficult May. Plus they had so many problems from the damage the renters did to their little house - they have been putting in a lot of hours repairing - Paul had to put in all new Ceiling Fans and Lights in each room - plus lots of other work and this weekend they worked Sat. & Sun non-stop trying to finish up the last of the damage (after getting their floors refinished) they are through with the painting except for the damage to the ceiling in the dining room. Hopefully, they will be ready to rent again in June - it has been 3 - 4 months of work for them on weekends when they could work in the time. Caty is back home a week after her first year of college. She has found a job that starts Tuesday night (Jaclyn has been working over 3 weeks now - while finishing her SR. Year - her Graduation is June 6.) Eileen and 2 Mother's of Jaclyn's friends have planned a Graduation Party for the 3 Seniors at the Hensy's on May 30. It is going to be on the lower lawn - so we sure hope it is not raining. After almost a year of terrible drought - we have had a few rains that is catching up our rain loss and it has all been in the last 2 - 3 weeks. Not like Oklahoma tho which has been getting lots of rain.

John, I want to tell you that Carolyn is at Port Aransas - she is working for NERR - associated with the Government project - but her actual employer is University of Texas. She is loving her new position tht started mid January this year. JR, myself and all the Hensy's are going to see Carolyn at Port Aransas on June 12-13. She has made arrangements for us an old B&B Inn close to where she works - so we are going to see some of her area. She sent us pictures of some of the big Turtles that are in the protective program a couple weeks ago. Those things are huge and this is associated with that Ridley Sea Turtle project.

John, I will try to get around in the next couple weeks and write you a letter and send some more computer print-outs of pictures. I did finally get your Donkey Story typed (I was having some computer problems and spent about 4 hours working with Dell and a man tht I could hardly understand. I typed and lost that story twice - third time was a charm - it is on RoseNose now. Maybe Julie can print out for you. Thank you for the Story.) I was going to send you a copy along with a letter and unfortunately I took my third hard fall in the past year in April and did not even get in our taxes - we filed an extension, I have finished the taxes now and will get in the end of this week. Once my head quit pounding and the dizziness I was having have resided I was able to concentrate again. I felt like I had really addled my brain this fall (not that I am not addled all the time) and a CT Scan showed I had a light concussion. I have banged my head on concrete 3 times in the same location and the last time required stitched. So - I have to stop this falling. The falls started after the two dogs attacked me last May - but that is another story I have not told you. I apologize for not getting out more letters but promise I will try to find something interesting to write you in June and get a letter off to you. We so want you back on US Soil and keep you in prayers and thoughts. Really praying that this trip with Julie and Margaret is going to help you. Love to all of you and we know seeing the two of them is wonderful for you. With Love, Jr and Janell


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