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letter from John Wesley by Julie V
Hello Everyone, lots of news lately. Margaret is doing well in Doha, helping her dad, working and planning to stay through John Wesley's Oct hearing. He is blessed to have such wonderful kids. Nick and Tom left for N. Carolina yesterday--we will miss them terribly. Hope everyone stays indoors during this heatwave. Dad still complains that Arkansas is chilly.
Letter from John Wesley:

Hi Everyone: Hope you all are well and gardens are cranking. Finished my first week at Central Jail. As you can see I can write from here so Mom get ready to type like mad. Plan to crank out three stories a week or so, taking my time. These are second drafts, sure hope you like them. Love to hear what you think, also Nick and Brooke, love your input. Also, need story ideas, write me out a few and send them. Food is reasonable plus they have a large grocery I can order from for reasonable prices. Courtyard outside is open about 5 hours per day so I can walk and write outside. I get up about 6:15 with chow call, eat and walk outside until about 8 when my English students, 2 Iranian guys, show up to work with them. They are muscular and promise to look after me. Then I write outside in the shade until about 11:00, lunch and shower. Work until 3 then nap in my room until 4 when courtyard opens. Have afternoon tea and walk until maybe 6, dinner at 6:30. Then have 2-3 guys learning basic English at 8:30, bed at 10. My books are still impounded, will have Nick call the Embassy, have them sent over. Everybody tells me relax, Yanks and Europeans never stay long here even for serious offenses, you'll be gone soon. The head prisoner is nice--he told everyone in my block to hurry up and get their English lessons, I'll be gone soon. Sure hope he's right. The time you spend here seems to depend more on your nationality than your crime and this block is full of Iranians doing 10-25 year terms for hash smuggling, no chance of parole. One great guy, a young Iranian, was arrested at 17 years and given 25 years--he's done 9 and is the nicest, most cheerful guy. These guys have all learned English from movies so they talk like Dirty Harry and the Terminator. I tell them real people don't talk like that. Diet is good, plenty salad, rice, chicken and I can buy milk, fruit and few snacks.
Today I taught my advanced english guys Henry's speech at Agincourt, "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he who sheds his blood with me today will be my brother..." Heard one of them teaching it to another guy, these guys are hungry for learning and in 2 years of jail I've studied damn near everything, so we're a good match.
This place is quiet and birds sing every am, I wake up to doves outside. The US army base is very close so I get Armed forces Radio--right now I'm listening to the gospel music show which is rather ironic. Roommate is OK, sleeps all day and I sleep at night so we don't interact much.
Of course you all know how much I love and miss you and desperately hope this is over soon. Put a story or 2 on Rosenose. Love to hear from all of you.
All my love, John W.


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