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Wednesday jail visit by Julie V
Hey there! Visited John Wesley this morning behind glass—couldn’t talk the guards into giving us a contact visit. They made phone calls but couldn’t get it arranged on such short notice. We will on Friday and deliver lots of secret notes, glasses, and cash to him. We did leave a box of books and things for him. The guard questioned the magnifying glass and the book light—said they may not be able to give them to him. Oh well, there’s a ton of other things! We found beautiful cotton long john sets in the Souk (guess the men wear them under their dresses when it is cool. We will have another big box to deliver this weekend. He received a volume of his short stories (thank goodness) and praised the typing (Jennie) and wants you to keep it up! He also wants to work on Nick on editing a little and contacting editors online. Nick you’ll have to get into school or start a job to escape!

Margaret told him all about protesting in DC in August and he is very excited! Kevin has even offered to help the kids with media contacts here in Qatar. Wow, things are going to get exciting! We discussed Majdalany’s idea of human rights issues and John Wesley thinks he can write depressing letters and complain about not being able to go to church and confess to the priest, etc. We are going to supply him with addresses of human rights organizations here and elsewhere. With all of the different avenues, one or more is bound to work.

Of course the embassy visit was a big waste of time. Ponce was openly disappointed that Majdalany suggested human rights issues (guess it adds to his workload) and advised us to keep writing letters and sending in our annual package to the Amir. He assured us that most western prisoners only serve half their term before being pardoned. Half of Life?? We should just sit back and be patient? We were very cranky with Ponce and although annoyed he finally took some notes about things he would be able to do such as asking QP for personal things from John’s office and trying to obtain a copy of his contract. He wants us to put in writing the request for a prisoner transfer based on humanitarian reasons that he will give to the Ambassador. Ultimately, Hillary needs to see the letter. Of course, we also need a list of things that John is suffering from due to being in prison 7000 miles from his family. Majdalany suggested depression and suicide about six times! Maybe John Wesley can get caught braiding dental floss into a rope!

When we met Ponce in DC we requested that he write to Qatar asking for a prisoner transfer treaty and he told us yesterday that he had done that. He has heard nothing back from them but he promised to send us a copy of his letter. So that is a beginning.

After jail visit Margaret interviewed for her job (same job, new boss) and starts next week. Several ladies there were so happy to see her so maybe they will help with transportation. We came home for lunch and siesta then plan to go to the zoo at 4pm, when it’s good and hot! Margaret’s friends want to go with us. Hope there are some shade trees, groan. Tomorrow we are supposed to call about John Wesley’s car and maybe go take a look at it. Hope it’s not in terrible shape!

My battery is pooping out—gotta go! Love you guys! Ma, have Jennie type up a note today and I will take it to John Wesley. He loves hearing any little thing. Got great notes from the boys and Janell to deliver on Friday. He needs letters! Thanks for the letter JH!

Toms, I’m reading a story about you and your dad in Lebanon—you will love it!


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