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Sweet John Wesley by .Sandra
Dearest John Wesley, Julie and Margaret,

OK! Julie says send my note by Friday - it's 11:00 AM Thursday and I'm roughly calculating that it late Thursday in Qatar. Sitting here at Janell's computer and a keyboard foreign to me, it could be sometime in the month of June I will be able to send this.

Hello my Dear Johnny!!! I know you are thrilled to have your beautiful daughter and equally glamorous sister to hang out with for a while. May it be possible to do so anytime at your whim in the very near future. We all keep hoping and praying, but "your girls" seem to be finding some rocks in that desert to turn.

So glad Margaret has the job lined up and will continue on in Qatar for now. I know, John, you'd love to keep Julie, too. Who wouldn't? I sure would have loved sitting in that room with the three of you and the wit that must have been afloat. How did you manage to suppress laughter?

James just arrived and we need to head to Pryor. Take care of your wonderful selves. John Wesley, I'll send you a snail letter early next week. Hug one another for me.



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