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John's note to Nick by Julie V
Hey Nick and Tom: Struggling to write this without glasses, get my new ones tomorrow thanks to Aunt Juju. You guys doing OK? Had fun writing a Chinese letter to Krysia, hope my teachers didn’t tell me figs and include symbols with double meanings. They’re just jealous.

Tom: Juju is bringing “World of Warcraft”, special story for you. Hope you like it.

Nick, this summer maybe you can find time to edit a few stories and submit them to magazines, small ones. I have maybe 8 southern stories, for example and there are a number of southern literary mags no one has heard of. Stories like “Airplane” and “Seven Oaks”, a new story Juju has. Be extra publicity for my case and more web links etc. I think you’ll like the new ones Juju’s bringing. If you could take Jennie’s typed output, clean it up and send them on to magazines it would be great.

Been watching the “Roxanna” saga? She had sensitive Iranian military reports and due to media frenzy go out after 90n days. Good example of what media often can do. Help me publish and I can contribute to the buzz.

If you come in the fall there might be a car for you, Juju and Meg are working on it. I told them you should drive the Galloper to China this fall and blog about it. The economist in me says you shouldn’t come but go to grad school, get out and make money. The poet in me would love to see you, of course. I’ll let you decide.

A QP engineer showed up here doing 6 months for check fraud. QP’s so desperate for staff they went to court, quashed his deportation order and want him back on the job after jail!! I told him since my web site is scaring off other job applicants he owes me money! Pretty sad when those dorks are recruiting in the jail. Suggests people don’t want to come here.

It worries me a little that you and Tom may be leaving the east coast. With you guys dispersed across the country getting back to DC for lobbying and picketing will be coatly. I’m so proud of your graduation. You made it, in spite of the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”. We will always owe Duke a huge debt of gratitude for not tossing you out into the cold. Good job, sweet heart. Until next week,
Love, Dad

Nick, Tom, we couldn’t pass your notes yet to your dad but will try again tomorrow! Love you guys!


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