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car by Julie V
oops, last one is a repeat!

Hi guys! Good luck today! Marg and I headed to the car lot at 7:30 this morning, groan…holding our breath that we didn’t get a flat or impaled upon a big rock and already stifling hot. Found the place again, couple of guys in the front office told us to come back tomorrow afternoon, we told them we were leaving tomorrow so two more guys came to help. One guy insisted on paperwork—wanted a document from the jail with John’s and the Warden’s signatures authorizing the release. We couldn’t even look at the car but they told us that it was there.

Off we went to the jail hoping we could get something and be back before the place closed at 1pm. Our good friend at the front gate got us right into the mail building to see the grinning captain, a round faced bright eyed man with a huge grin—comical looking for the guy in charge. He sent us to the Colonel’s office where we sat for half an hour listening to another man in the office tell fishing stories and show us video (of big fish) on his phone while the Colonel had someone prepare a paper. The Colonel asked if we would like to see John, we got very excited and he said, “I give you 10 minutes.” A few minutes later John Wesley was brought in and seated in the office with us—we had a great visit for half an hour—able to speak freely and get lots of hugs and they served tea! The paper was finished and they had John Wesley sign with a thumbprint (we couldn’t read the document of course), we were escorted out by a couple of guards—it felt just like we were walking out of that place with John Wesley but we parted sadly at a doorway.

The fisherman, a Arab wearing an unusual uniform, met us outside and said that he was from the Department of the Interior and visits prisoners, checking on them. He gave us a paper with his name and phone number and said call him for any help with the prison, visits or problems. Might be a good contact or at least a familiar face in the future.

Back to the car jail, the paper seemed to please them (as much as they can look pleased) They made us stay in our car with the air going because of the heat, guess they don’t want any fainting women to deal with, while they discussed how to give us the car I guess. An Arab man told me to follow him to the “break-down”, he jumped into his white land cruiser with his white dress flowing and raced down the roads toward town. He found a break-down (tow truck) and rudely told the poor Indian man what price we would pay, snatched the guys ID and forced him to follow us back to the car. They all disappeared behind a big gate and soon came out with John’s car on top of the truck! We followed it to a shop that Kevin had made arrangements at, saw it unloaded, and headed home for lunch. A good day’s work!


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