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note from John Wesley by Julie V
Hi All! Got great notes from Nick, Tom, Joe Benton, Carollyne B, Jannell, Sandra, my cup runneth over. Thanks so much for all the support and good ideas. I can see a growing anger among my supporters- this Roxana thing was pretty outrageous. It demonstrates the power of the media and also of demonstrations- she had picketers at Iran Air and Embassy in Paris, probably people on strike for something else that her family “rented”. I’ll bet the Qatari embassy in DC has never had protesters. Won’t they be surprised? I wish several of you could to go Houston and picket the Qatar consulate and Qatar airways offices. Let’s see who we know there, maybe time it with the August DC event. Protesting against these dorks sounds like a lot of fun, I would love to see their reaction. If they react on this end by tossing me into solitary or some such I’ll go there smiling. Remember Steve McQueen in the “Great Escape”, going to the cooler? That’ll be me. As Qatar invests more in the US and becomes more visible they also become more VULNERABLE, it’s easier for us to get at them.

Sandra: Damn, you’re still alive??? Thanks for the great note! To quote Mark Twain, I would say reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated. Not to deny we’re both in a fix, that’s for sure. Please send me a note via Margaret, glad to hear you’re making progress with treatment. Give my love to your family esp little Zoe.

Hey Aunt Jannell: your story about typing “Bert the Donkey” is better than the story itself! Hard drive crashes, attacked by dogs, falling on your head, good lord. I think you’ll like several in this new batch. Many of my recent stories have elements of magic. I won’t be sending any more stories your way, another one might be fatal. All my love, John.

Hello Don & Carollyne!

Thanks for your letter and email, I tend to agree maybe a louder commotion would help. Having smart people, like you folks, contributing is a huge comfort to me; I just hope we can return the favor sometime. Loved your comments about notorious Roxana, the guys here call her my girlfriend. Ours is more of a slow and steady approach- it will work but it certainly tests our patience. I agree with you she deserves a bit more jail and myself somewhat less. Loved hearing about all those grandkids from various countries, you are so blessed. How are your friends back in Pakistan doing? It’s so sad all that’s happened in the Swat Valley, such a lovely place. Sure would love to get back there and climb a few mountains. Thank you again, John.


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