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Info on Mom (Judy) by Leah Jean
Got home yesterday and I'm a little under the weather myself. [Acquired Montezuma's Revenge from somewhere.] But hopefully I will make it into work today ... if my system settles down.

Unfortunately the situation with my mother is really questionable at this time. It is taking her a while to recover because the surgery was pretty heavy-duty. Mom will have to wear a "bag" (can't remember the technical word for it) for the rest of her life. But I was talking to a few people about that and a lot of people at all ages have had to deal with that situation ... and gotten along pretty good.

But it is going to be extra difficult for Mom because she has Alzheimers. At the hospital we'd have to keep explaining to her that she was in a hospital and why she couldn't do such things as get up and go to the bathroom. And why she had things such as oxygen tubes on her face and coming out of various parts of her body. At one time she thought the oxygen tubes resting on her checkbones were her glasses. But then she was still pretty heavily sedated after the surgery.

The bad news is that the growths in her intestines were reported as cancerous. As to what kind it is, I don't know. The doctor had come into the room when Cindy was with Mom Tuesday night and reported it to them. He'd said that they would hold off running further tests until Mom had recovered from surgery more.

I will warn anyone trying to get ahold of Cindy, Henry, or Dad (Hank) at this time that they may find it difficult. I know that they are working hard to find a place that Mom can stay after she leaves the hospital. I myself refrained from calling yesterday because I know that they are dealing with a very difficult situation and are pressed for time. I remember hearing something about getting a nurse, possibly a nursing home, or maybe assisted living quarters. Dad is having his own difficulties too. The rather advanced Parkinson's Disease that he has makes it very difficult for him to get around ... let alone take care of Mom. Plus he was supposed to be having surgery for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome because his right hand isn't working so well. [That was put off due to Mom's situation.] So he will need help taking care of her.

I wish I could be there because Henry is taking on a lot of the burden with helping my Dad figure out what he wants to do and getting it done. Cindy is helping as much as she can. Needless to say, Jeff and I may be called on to come home to help get my parent's house ready for sale before too long.

Thank you all for your encouragement. It is good to know that our extended family cares. Janell, sorry it took so long for you to get thru to someone. As I said, it has been a little crazy lately. And to anyone else who has tried to reach my parents ... you now know why it is difficult. I would recommend calling Cindy if you want the latest info.

I will try to put updates in Rosenose periodically.

Love to all,


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