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Thanx for the confirmation! by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on December 27, 2004 at 11:55:46:

Thanx, Janell, for the confirmation on the food poisoning thing. I'm sure that I've had a few bouts with it myself but it was only rather nasty but short lived bouts with Montezuma's Revenge, a.k.a. Aztec Two-step. These 3 bouts were spaced out over a period of time ... but could be tied to sushi bought from grocery stores. And there were two different stores involved. Sheeesh! And the really annoying part was that the last time I bought the stuff, I didn't even get any raw fish (California Rolls - imitation crab and avocado). Obviously there was cross contamination from the other items. I still love sushi but now only from a legitimate restaurant which depends on being reliable. But I don't get to do that very often because Daryl won't go near the stuff. I don't complain though because a lot of people get the hebbie-jeebies ... or I should say the "heave hos" with that stuff. ;-)

And speaking of Mexican terminology, I just love Mexican food! Had to laugh about Jr. delighting in no beans or rice: the great Mexican fillers like our French fries or iceberg lettuce. But again Daryl has problems with the food (he hates onions and green peppers). To tell the truth, I kind of wonder if my system doesn't have a little bit of trouble with Mexican food myself. The really funny thing though is that I was quoting a receipe for chicken soup (which technically is supposed to be good for a person with a cold) that requires chicken, onions, celery, carrots, etc. to Daryl the other day. That was because he had had a cold two weekends ago and at the time I wasn't quite sure what he had this last weekend. It was just another of my digs at his eating habits because I figured he would never want me to make it. [He also doesn't like celery too much and in the past I've had to make 2 pans of dressing at Thanksgiving dinners ... one with onions and celery and one without.] Well he told me that he'd started getting the soups at work that have who knows what in them. He said that as long as I make the onion pieces very small and they get cooked good so you don't taste them directly in something like a soup, he'd eat them. Oh my word! I'm soooooo shocked! :-) Got to admit that I don't cook much anymore, but maybe I'll try to get back into the kitchen more. Most of the cooking I learned from Mom involved onions. Yum!

Hope no one flew to and from relatives' houses and got stuck in the big airline baggage or computer messes!



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