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Latest update on Mom by Leah Jean
Talked to both Cindy and Henry Monday night to catch up on what was going on. Janell, Cindy says thanks for the flowers! That was very sweet of you. And thanks to the rest of you who have been calling Cindy and wishing our family well and also those of you thru the RoseNose. It is good to have a family who cares. Unfortunately, Jeff and I are the only ones that have access to the Rosenose, and neither of us are in Oklahoma. I would imagine that Henry could possibly access it thru work. I'll have to bug him about that some time. :) But I relayed messages to Cindy.

According to Henry, Mom seems to be rather content in the nursing home. But she still thinks she is in the hospital. Oh well. At least she recognizes that she's not at home. :) Henry also said they have gotten her to sit up. But that's about all. Considering the fact that she went about a week before she was taken to the hospital without really eating and she's 83 years old, it is going to take quite a while for her to recover. I remember when I had abdominal surgery to remove a cyst, it took me a few weeks before I could sit up without difficulty and pain. I had to roll over to get out of bed. [Felt like a walrus.] And I was fairly young and in good condition back then. So it could easily take about a month before Mom's back to moving around any on her own.

Unfortunately Dad is a bit of a problem too. He just doesn't want to understand how serious the situation is with Mom. So if you talk to him, take anything he says with a "grain of salt". And he doesn't want to move into an assisted living facility. But geez, that's not surprising. Henry says that Dad has to be awfully careful moving around now though due to his rather advanced Parkinson's. Dad's already fallen several times. And he is still going to see Mom everyday. Yes, he's driving. He told Cindy that he drives real slow. As long as he stays out of rush hour traffic!

At least Mom is calmer now which is definitely good and according to Henry she's looking a whole lot better. As to the cancer? That's on the backburner for now so don't expect any new info on that for awhile.

Love and thanks to all!!!


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