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Note was Appreciated by Janelll Rose
Leah, we were so glad to see your note - I was going to call again - we would love to go see Hank and Judy. Sandy said Hank told Sybil to wait for a while as Judy was weak and needed more time to recover and also he thought she would be back home before long and could be visited at home. Like everyone else we have been so concerned and would very much like to be there - yet having been through the health situation at Tahlequah - we know sometimes company is not the best thing when the family member is very weak/ill. The patient only feels like visiting for a very short time while the rest of the family is doing all they can do to take care of their loved one - all the extra visits they are making to the hospital, etc. while they are still working and taking care of other family members. A very difficult situation for all and our hearts and prayers are so much with all your family. We will wait 2 - 3 weeks until Judy is stronger and hope Hank is not wearing himself out - he told me he was getting there around 7:00 and leaving 6 to 7. If it is as hot in Tulsa as it is in Dallas - that has to be very taxing for him - on top of being concerned for Judy.

We are trying to get through this terrible heat wave that Texas is having right now. We are supposed to be in Triple Digits tomorrow again and have another ORANGE Alert. JR is having a hard time breathing with his allergies on these High Ozone Alert days. He hardly left the living room today.

It was a little cooler on Monday while Sandy, James and Courtney were here - had been 103 over the weekend. Today the weather said we had 50% humidity and right at 100. Miserable.

You are much in our thoughts and we pray that Judy gets stronger quickly. Tell Hank he needs to take a nap in the afternoon and to be careful with all his trips. Love to All Your Family. JR and Janell


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