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John Wesley's note by Julie V
Hey everyone: Hope you are fine, sounds like a great summer with everyone there. Glad to hear Jen is typing "Search for Jinn", that's quite a story, good film material. Julian and John H sound like terrific boys, what fun they must be having. Things are fine, eating lots of good salad and veggies. I bribe a guy to give me extra salad and plenty of good fruit in season. All the new books are great, thanks Juju. Don't worry Ma, I'll get back to writing soon.

Thanks for the good news about Aunt Sandy, just wonderful. And thank Uncle Joe for me when you see him, I couldn't imagine a better person to be looking in on the kids. Hope he enjoys that grandbaby. Nick, how was the goat farm? I'm still cranking through "collapse". His chapters on Rawanda and Greenland are fascinating. He sure worries a lot about forests and soils and not mcuh about oil depletion. He argues the Earth cannot support the Iandians and Chinese at 1st world lving standards (true) but what's the alternative? I'll keep reading. Are you still thinking about coming? If so do some job hunting in advance and bring me some New Yorker mags from Ma ok?

Tom, you doing ok? Meg says you're ready to protest, that's great, it's your right as an American. Don't know if you're working of not, if not do some reading this month, get ready to be a senior. I'm preparing a list of fun places around fayetteville for Meg. Get you bike working, it's a great biking town. Should be jobs too. Plenty to do on the weekend plus Juju is close by. Write me a note.

Not much else this week. Let me know about the goat farm and Tom I'd love a not from you.

All my love, Dad

P.S. The Chinese caught 3 rock spies! I'm not the only one!

- (dad sent a newspaper clipping that says "Rio Tinto employee held by China for spying" about a mining company)


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