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Quick phone call by Leah Jean
My phone rang at 9:45 at night ... so I wasn't at all surprised it was Cindy. She likes to stop by and visit Mom at the nursing home sometimes after work and maybe calls to let Mom talk to me. And Mom was feeling particularly lively tonight. Cindy said they were just rarin' to get up and go some place. But there weren't too many places that Mom could go except maybe to the T.V. room. Eh. So Cindy called me and had Mom get on the phone for about a minute. [I don't think Mom likes being on a phone for very long ... possibly because it is a cell phone.] But Mom said that she was doing pretty good except for a pain in her side. Which she said that Cindy wasn't helping because she was getting her to laugh. I think that Cindy was kiddin' Mom about her "paper gown".

And that was about all Mom had to say before turning the phone back over to Cindy. But it was plenty for me.

Good night all and sleep well.

I will. With a smile.



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