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Sweet Note by Janell Rose
Leah, that was a sweet note - made us feel better about Judy. Have been thinking of all of you and know you are looking forward to having Judy out of rehab. After talking with Henry we did not send the wheel chair back with Sandy - but know we still have it if needed at any time.

Speaking of Sandy - we have been talking about having a family reunion at our house in October -when Stacia looked at the calendar - she said Sandy's trip to Dallas in October would maybe be around weekend of October 10 - her treatment is Oct. 13. So would like for everyone to maybe put Oct. 10 - 11 on their calendar and see if you can come to Irving that weekend. We are saying October because we usually have such beautiful weather in October. Sept. is still sometimes a little hot and with the HOT weather we have had this year - we may have a hot Sept. With the back deck - yard and Dining room we will have enough room for a reunion. Inside and OUt like at Judy and Hank's lovely home in the past. Just would sort of like to give a "heads-up" and let everyone think about coming in October. Mary and family have come 2 - 3 times and we have had wonderful get-togethers. Carolyn and Russ have already said they will come and we hope would bring all the remainder of the Benton's along with them. We would love to have everyone come for a visit.

We really enjoyed Sandra, Stacia and darling little ZOE on their last trip. Only problem was - Eileen and Jaclyn came over on Monday night, we all talked late and Maybe got Sandy too tired for the next day. When we all get together that is easy to do. Jaclyn loves to listen to Sandy and Stacia. JR said he never heard so much giggling and talking. Jaclyn helped me reorganize our Mall booth this past Wednesday (we are getting ready to downsize) I told her that we were going to try and get a reunion together in October and she said she was coming home that weekend from UT - they have a little bus that runs from the University to Dallas/Ft. Worth on weekends.

Caty will be returning to Conway Aug. 1 - then Jaclyn Aug. 22 to Austin. We are going to really miss these girls - not to even mention Eileen and Paul having an empty house for the first time.

Congratulations to James and Courtney - Stacia explained ETA - James been Tooooo long since I have been traveling. A new family member is going to be a lot of excitement - would so love to see ZOE when she greets the new arrival first time.

Time to go prepare dinner - after spending two days working at that Mall - still tired - so it is not going to be much. Love to All - Take care and enjoy your summer. JR and Janell


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