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Limping Along by Sandra
Hello Dear Family,

Here's hoping everyone is doing great and side- stepping all the little inconveniences in the path. It might be hard at times but it can be treated like a fun game of "Will over Forces". You'll win every time!

Saturday Courtney, James, Linda, Katherine, Jim and I went to the broadway play "Wicked" in Tulsa. What fun!..but hese old ears should have learned the music beforehand because I felt alone when everyone was laughing about lines I didn't hear. I'm glad that in my lifetime I got to find out how the tin man lost his heart, the lion lost his courage and the scarecrow lost his brain. With that problem solved we all went to dinner together and our lives felt somewhat fulfilled. :)

The garden sure looks tired. In a day or two we are taking out the tomato remnants. Being a "never says never" gardener I feel guilty removing plants that have a few green ones on them, but I have some "interesting" plants I'm going nurture and hope for fall tomatoes. Trying my luck, too, with cuttings from the summer tomatoes. If successful, I'll let you know. Failures I don't want to comment on....kinda like the gambler who never tells you about their losses. I guess, in a way, I'm being a "tomato gambler".

Monday Jim and I go back to Dallas. If you need to reach us for anything, the cats will take a message. We hope to pick up some peaches at the Porter Orchards for Janell and Junior on the way. The Belle of Georgia peaches are supposed to be ready. The last trip Stacia and I picked up some wonderful GloHavens and then, after we got home, the next day went back for some more. It's nice to have Porter so near and there's nothing like a local peach!!! Wish we could take some to all of you.

I'm doing just fine. My doctor thinks all my joint problems are osteoarthritis, but I differ. I think the chemo is the problem because I don't believe osteoarthritis would one day suddenly happen......that's a fine coincidence if so! Naturally, it's easy for me to blame chemo, but, when my alternatives are zilch, why not? Perhaps a cane will be on my Christmas list.

Oh, how happy we are about a new baby. It's funny that one day I was out in the garden and suddenly I thought about how nice it would be to have a new little baby around..... Not that the original isn't still the greatest thing since sliced bread. The next day after I had that thought is when Courtney and James came over to inform us. The joy of ZoE has been such happiness for us, and what a blessing to double that!

Today, I think, the Downs kiddos are in Washington, DC pleading John Wesley's case. I hope and pray so much that this trip will be fruitful and a big step to John Wesley's release. Keep them in your thoughts and send good vibes.

So much for yammering. Take care of your wonderful selves!

Love you all so much,


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