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new baby! by Julie V
What great news, congratulations! Seems like just yesterday Phillip and I were sitting at Grandma's table watching James eat breakfast and being completely grossed out and wondering why everyone adored that child with food all over his face! My, how we change!

Little note from Nick last night:

Hey guys, sounds good about the meetings on Tues and Wed. The protest went well today. We took the metro to the location I had for the Qatari Embassy, but it turns out it was the wrong spot. We were wandering around and all of a sudden a guy walked up to us and asked us about our shirts. He said that he had worked as a lawyer for a little while in Qatar. He was very sympathetic re dad and drove us the 20 blocks to the actual Embassy. Really nice guy, so we should send him a thankyou card/note.
So we set up shop on the sidewalk right outside the Embassy and started passing out fliers. You'd be surprised how many people ignored us, even when we opened with "Hi, our dad is imprisoned for life in the Middle East." Bunch of jerks. But there were a lot of receptive people as well, and a couple REALLY nice people. One middle aged guy in particular talked to me and Meg for 10min, and asked us if there were a way for him to donate to the cause. He insisted on hugs and even teared up after hearing out story. That was the first guy that we got to cry, and the second one was along similar lines. No hugs that time, though. Haha.
We passed out about 1/3 of our fliers, several of which made their way into the Embassy doors, so I'm sure they knew we were out there.
So tomorrow we'll do Pryor's office tomorrow and then Qatar Airways or Al Jazeera afterwards. All this stuff is super heavy--Meg, Tom, and I are all pretty wiped after today. Kate offered to make dinner, so we'll lay low tonight and relax. I didn't bring my phone charger so it's off right now, but I'll turn it on tomorrow morning. And of course we'll give you a full report tomorrow evening after the meetings, etc.



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