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Reunion by Janell Rose
Stacia, Thanks for the Input - that is encouraging - Carolyn Benton has said all the Benton's have agreed to come as well AND not heard from the Tyler Roses but feel sure they will come. Need to hear from other family members as well. We have so enjoyed a couple of Mary and the Girls visits to see Sandra. I say "Girls" thats what we still call our two And now we have two more grown Girls with the Granddaughters. Zach is so far away - he gets left out most of the time. Stacia, you helped me look at the calendar - as you know what we are trying to do is to get as many family members here as possible to coincide with one of the trips Sandra is making to Dallas every 3 weeks. Thinking one member of her family would come bring her on Friday so she would be a little rested and we could all get together on Saturday. We could get together again Sunday Morn. for Breakfast if everyone would like. When Mary's family came on Sunday it was very hard on them to come and go back so late at night for work the next day. Some of us are retired and nearly every day is without concern for working. I certainly remember when it wasn't that easy.

Please everyone - if that date is correct for the Saturday before Sandy's appointment on Tuesday (I'm sure the Demings will double check the date and let us know for sure) Please put October 13 on your calendar and make a trip to Irving. We will do everything we can to accomodate AND the way our October weather is - it should be beautiful (this HEAT will surely be gone by then) - we can use our back deck/yard and in the house as well.

I have been unbelievable busy - trying to take 6 x 8 foot off our Mall booth by Aug. 31. Thank goodness for our Dear Jaclyn - she worked really hard helping me a couple weeks ago - could not have pushed and shoved those heavy display cases without her - not to mention her hanging over 50 of her Granddad's Tools on the Peg Board. Thanks again Jaclyn AND Caty - Caty was working but she showed up the last hour as well. I still have a lot of work to do but really can not finish until about the last week of Aug. as having a mark down sale and it needs to stay there till end of month. Then I am going to have 2 - 3 days of really working. Plus, you would not believe how much have brought home. Today - besides what I have on EBay - I am going to be emptying closets so I can put it somewhere. Sometimes, I wonder how we got into this - Oh yes, I remember - it was because I wanted to do a B&B Coffee/Tea Room after retirement. JR's accident took care of that - he would not have wanted to help with a B&B - but was interested in being more in the country with a garden. Eileen tells me one of my favorite quote about Life is what happens to you while you are busy making plans is from the Beatles. I don't know where I got it - but believe it does apply. All you wonderful family are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, JR and Janell


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