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October Reunion - OCTOBER 10-11 by Janell Rose
Last week I went to Conway, AR Thursday and back Friday with Eileen and Jaclyn. Eileen took a wardrobe chest to Caty and her roomate for their apartment. Caty's Sophmore Year and work study Job starts in a week. Eileen's Teaching Year began yesterday - on Friday evening they will be packing for Jaclyn and take her to Austin Saturday so she can begin her Freshmen year at UT. Going to be big changes at the Hensy Household and we are sure going to miss the Granddaughters.

Just after getting back from Conway Friday evening - JR and I had quite an event with water in our house Friday evening and Saturday Morning. Our Hot Water Heater went bad - would not wish this experience on anyone - LOTS and LOTS of mopping. Enough Said.

I do want to Thank Joe and Linda, Russ and Carolyn for a lovely evening last Thursday and for the opportunity to see their really beautiful homes. Not only were the homes lovely - AR looked like an Oasis with all the greenery. Not like our Texas Dry Weather. Wish they could send a little more rain our way. Down in Austin, San Antonio area and where Carolyn is at Port Aransas - Texas is having the worst drought ever on record. TX drought was on National News this week.

We have a terrible mess I have got to still clean up and get back in place (everything had to be moved because of the water - I am going to start an unplanned opportunity today and paint the kitchen). This chore of painting and replacing everything will take me into next week.

Before I start the day I wanted to correct a date - Joe Benton called to my attention when we were visiting. Sandra will be in Dallas for her Treatment on October 13. The Date of the Reunion will be the weekend before - OCTOBER 10-11 SATURDAY and on SUNDAY for any and everyone to come back to our house for breakfast. We are really looking forward to have as many come as possible - so put Oct. 10-11 on your Calendar - it will be "Cooler" in Oct. Love to All JR and Janell


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