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Reunion by Janell Rose
Julie, So glad to see your note - this is going to be so much FUN. Really looking forward to October. Right now - I am kind of up to my neck in Alligators. Not as spry as I once was with all this painting.

There are LOTS of Hotels around us - I will do Hotel research after Labor Day and Post several Hotel locations. Eileen and Paul have said they will have two empty bedrooms with the girls away at college. They will welcome company. Only drawback - they are 30 minutes away - but they will be coming to Irving - so that is not a problem for anyone that would like to stay with them.

Better get JR's Breakfast prepared, dishes washed and back to my job - I would like to get the Refrigerator back in place today and out of the middle of kitchen floor. Our Refrig stands in front of all those "shutters" between Kitchen and Dining/Living area. I washed each of those little slats and now the shutters all have to be hand painted which will take me half a day.

Everyone have a wonderful day and we want to wish a very Special Birthday on 22nd. to Darling ZOE. Zoe, we will have a "Late Birthday Party" when you come with Nanzy at end of August.

Love to All - wish for cooler weater and send us some rain. JR & Janell


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