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Water by Mary
Janell and JR, you poor souls, what a terrible thing to have your water heater flood your home. Linda can empathize with you as she had the same experience about three weeks ago. She came to my house at 2:30...all was fine...she return home at 7:30 and noticed that the mulch around her front bushes was wet...thought maybe her sprinkler system had sprung a leak. Went inside to find water in her livingroom...has white tile floor..thank heaven it had not reached the carpet. She turned off her water from the meter and then called Service-Pro who deals with such things. They could not get ther untill 10:00. They suctioned as much water from her hall and three bredrooms as they could and then set up two very large dehumidifiers. These stayed in her house for three days untill they could not detect any moisture in the walls. Now she has to replace the carpet in the hall and three bedrooms, have the sheetrock replaced on one wall in the first bedroom and have baseboards and one wall painted.Needless to say the water heater has been replaced and relocated to a larger closet to accomodatee a pan and other safety features. Nothing seems simple anymore.

I was wrong about most of my family coming to the Reunion. Judy, Heather, Justin and boys have had a Beach House reserved at Galvaston for that weekend. Ange may also be going. Helen is sure that she and James will come and Linda and I , but just for Saturday (Linda has a dog that she has to get home to.). Think that Glen and Charlotte will come...will let you know.

Janell do get some rest. So so sorry that you have to deal with all of this.


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