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Too Much Water by Janell Rose
Oh My! - feel so sorry for Linda. Our episode was a small one compared to what she went through. I would like to replace carpet - but can not do everything at once. I told JR we should have called the Insurance company - we have always "done everything ourselves." So that is the way we took care of this problem. JR did a terrific job getting the new water heater in on Monday after it happened on Friday evening. Thank goodness we were home and he turned off the water quickly Friday night. Saturday was our worst water day because of an incident that I will just leave off RoseNose. I had a full bathtub of soaked towels last Sat. when we had water run in living room and under the front bedroom carpet. By throwing down towels I was able to catch the water in the entry. We dried the carpet with a fan 2 - 3 days, I tried to clean the stains with alcohol this week. It will get us through the next few months - then hope to put in the wood replica floor in three bedrooms, living and dining if not late Fall - after first of the year. Wish it could be done before we have the little reunion - but we are going to enjoy visiting - no one inspecting this "ole house." We have a lot of "jobs" that need to be done and at our age - we are taking them one at a time.

When you turn a house upside down - emptying closets - moving furn. everything - two days we had sofa totally loaded down in middle of living room - bedrooms still a mess - it takes time but I am getting there. We had to move everything in the kitchen - I told JR since it was all moved out - a good time for me to paint the kitchen. I worked two days last week on one side of kitchen because took so long with all those "shutters." Saturday - I could hardly move from going up and down the step stool - my bum knee was terribly swollen so I took the day off.

Eileen and Paul took Jaclyn to Austin Sat. to move in the dorm at UT. They went down & back the same day as Eileen needed to work Sunday in her classroom to get ready for school starting today. She has already spent two weeks at school getting her class room set up and a week of "In Service" meetings for a week. Both girls now at college with classes starting this week. Eileen said she is so loaded down with her own school starting that she is trying to not miss them.

Friday - I had to go to our mall and empty a big display case (we are going from 8x16 to 8x10 booth - I have been working a lot at the mall recently. AND took Jaclyn to lunch on Friday and kissed her good-bye - altho she said she will "be back soon." They have a little bus that comes from Austin to Dallas/Ft. Worth for $30. round trip - so we will see Jaclyn more often than we get to see Caty.

Yesterday - was my Dealer Day to work at the Mall Noon to Five - while I was gone JR painted the "high ceiling" in the kitchen for me. I was so excited to see that ceiling painted when got home. Today - I painted the part above the cabinets - all the window area and around the sink. All I have left now are two doors and the 'Dropped Ceiling" above the table which has dark stain that requires KILZ and 2 coats of paint - so it is taking some time. I plan on being done Thursday - then everything can go back in place. It is going to feel so good to have the "new kitchen." This kitchen has not been painted in about 15 years and sometimes things happen that give us a "boost." Like Martha says "Thats a Good Thing." I was not ready for this project - but happy to be almost done.

Mary since some of your family can not come in Oct. Talk with Judy and see if you can come this next Sunday to see Sandy, Stacia and Zoe. Never know if Judy is in Tyler or Houston - but would love to see you come next Sunday.

I just came in to check EMails and saw your note on Rosenose. I am going to go crash - we are going to have a Sandwich Night. Love to All, JR and Janell


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