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Judy Tankersley by Janell Rose
Will someone Please give us an Update on How Judy and Hank are doing. JR and I were just talking that we want to go see Judy and Hank. JR said he hopes Sept. will be a little cooler and he will feel like making a trip to Tulsa. He does not do well traveling in the heat - He gets such bad headaches. We hope in Sept. the weather will be cooler and we can make a couple day trip to Tulsa - in the meantime - Leah, or Jeffrey - (since you are the ones that read RoseNose) please give us an update on both Judy and Hank. We know these health problems are difficult for both of them. Please let them know even tho we have had a pretty hectic time lately with the hot water heater break - they have not been forgotten - still very much in our thoughts and prayers. JR and Janell


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