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Tulsa - Judy and Hank by Jeff Tankersley
Hello all. It has been a while since I've written anything here, just been very busy with all sorts of things. It is Saturday afternoon right now, and I just got back last night from being in Tulsa for eight days. Mom has been in the rehabilitation center (nursing home) since her surgery on June 11th, and when I first saw her, she seemed to be doing quite well. Well enough, in fact, that we brought her home last Tuesday, August 25th. As a result of the surgery, she has a permanent ostomy pouch, which she and dad are slowly learning to deal with. Dad's Parkinson's disease affects his dexterity, and coupled with mom's Altzheimers, they make quite a team trying to service the bag. We decided to get them some in home care to help with the everyday chores of homeownership, which makes things easier, but still it is quite a challenge for them. The decision was then made to try to get them into an assisted living center, so I visited several in the area to get better familiarized with the options, and we found a place that dad liked since he has some church friends there. They are waiting now for a vacancy, which is supposed to open up in about six weeks. At that point, I will probably come back down to help them settle in.
All things considered, they seem to be doing fine. Dad's Parkinson's is slowing him down more and more- he uses a walker or cane most of the time to help him get around- but his spirits are high and he still cooks and putters around the kitchen all day. Mom's Altzheimers seems to be somewhat controlled by her medication, she seems about the same as she was when I was there in March. She is still weak from being in the hospital for so long, and so she hasn't been out in her garden yet, but I hope that one day soon she will be out there pulling weeds again!
Goota go, Jodi needs help with dinner.
love you all--


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