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Reunion by Janell Rose
We have just had a wonderful weekend with Sandy, Stacia and Dear Little Zoe. On Sunday we were joined by Mary and Judy. Lots of visiting. So enjoyed everyone and hope that Sandy, Stacia and Zoe have a safe trip home today - since they were going "shopping" at the Outlet Mall - we hope they get home before midnight.

During the time they were here James called and said he had made reservations for the Family Reunion Oct. 10 at the new ALoft Hotel in Las Colinas for $63.20 Fri. and Sat. Night. He put a note on RoseNose about this rate and reservation. Since I had said I would get hotel information around Labor Day (after we got through this water heater mess) I need to know from everyone if you are interested in this hotel. I did not understand the rate James got as I had called this hotel when it opened and went down to the Lobby to pick up some info since it is only about 8 blocks from us. We were having some other family members coming to visit when my Brother's family came. I was told at that time the CHEAPEST RATE was $169. a night. So - I called the hotel today to see about information for remainder of the family for the reunion before I start getting rates from other hotels near us (there are 4 new hotels on 114 that have opened in the last year.) Since we are near DFW Airport there is NO shortage of hotels in the area. Hwy 114 to the Airport is lined with hotels. I was told the rate at ALoft is $169. Monday-Thursday and $89. Friday - Sat. I told the receptionist that James Deming got a rate of $63.20 and they said that rate could not be obtained by calling the hotel - it was negotiated on line - in fact the young lady told me that James made (3)reservations under his name and would "have to make all the reservations for other family members under his name for this rate and they would have to be prepaid." I ask to speak to a Manager - she told me that I need to contact the Area Mgr. tomorrow and gave me the name & # to arrange a block of rooms for a special rate with the Area Manager and then everyone could make their hotel reservations by calling the hotel direct. I will arrange a Block of Rooms this week - if this is where everyone wants to stay. Please review the ALoft at the website that James put on RoseNose - also look at the website where I printed out this nfo "" This website has 12 pictures of rooms, lobby, etc. This hotel is ultra-modern - it has very good reviews - it has been open less than a year in Irving - it is a small hotel. Tonight, the manager told me they are sold out 4 nights out of 5 during the week. She said all Special Rates have to be negotiated on line or as she suggested for me to set up a block of rooms with the area mamager. She indicated No one at the hotel in Las Colinas can grant the special rates below the $89. AARP or Triple AAA Rate on Friday- Saturday. As James said - it is a "W" Hotel. A New ALoft Hotel opened this month in downtown Dallas and will be next to the new Dallas Convention Center when it is completed. The one in Las Colinas is within walking distance of The Corner Bakery Cafe and a couple other restaurants - very close to a whole row of restaurants up MacArthur Blvd. Altho - I don't think people will be hunting restaurants with all the food we are planning on having at the reunion.

Please let me know if everyone is interested in a block of rooms at the ALoft or I will go ahead and get other rates this next week at other hotels very near our house. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone in October. Luckily we had nice cooler weather while Sandy was here this time and we certainly are looking forward to beautiful October Days. Love to All, JR and Janell


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