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Rate by Janell Rose
James, I just happened to come back to RoseNose to print something for JR to read and saw your note. The Evening Manager in Las Colinas told me that I should be able to get the rate or close to it from the Area Manager. She gave me to name and extension - saying he only works week days. I want to hear from other family members before I contact him tho so that I can have an idea of how many rooms we may want to block. Russ & Carolyn have a hotel they have stayed at the last two times they came to Irving that is on MacArthur - they may want to go back there.

There are so many hotels close to us - I found out in 2007 when - I contacted hotels and made arrangements for a Block of rooms for our Retired School Teacher Neighbor (she is near 90) her family came in for a Reunion Sept 07 fromn Hawaii and CA. We got good rates for her family - around $74. - not the good rate you got. However, the economy was pretty good in 2007 and the rates were higher as not so many vacancies as hotels may be having now. I am going to wait until about Monday to call the area Manager and hope to hear from other family members this week. They will probably want a guaranteed reservation with Cr. Card.


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