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Room Block by Janell Rose
I don't know what to do about the Room Block at the ALoft as no one in the family has answered. The night manager suggested I contact the Area Mgr. for a block of rooms. She indicated they would like to accomodate our reunion. They are not allowed to make special local arrangements for the hotel - must be made by Corp. Management.

Perhaps no one has come to RoseNose and seen the notes. The other suggestion is to go to the website that James gave and make an individual reservation but needs to be done as James indicated only a few reservations remained at the rate and it will expire. If I don't hear from family members before Monday - I will get rates from other hotels. Perhaps some family members are not interested in the ALoft Hotel - please let me know your opinions.

JR and I went to get Flu Shots today and got Pneumonia as well. JR not having a reaction but my arm is so sore/painful it hurts to lift/move and pain in the elbow. Don't understand this - going to take Tylenol and try to relax for a while.


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