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Reunion by Janell Rose
Just to leave a note - Carolyn Benton called yesterday and said they do want to stay at ALoft. I tried to reach the Area Mgr. - off until Tuesday for Labor Day. I will try first thing Tuesday to get Block of Rooms. However, I don't want anyone to delay and maybe not get the Special Rate that James received. If you want to try for the rate over the computer - please go ahead and make your contact. Maybe would be helpful to other family members if you get the rate to write a quick note on RoseNose to let me know - so I can try and request the same rate for everyone. If you make contact - advise James has Prepaid for 3 rooms and you are coming to the same reunion so hopefully you can get the rate.

I was able to get the same rate for ALL of our Neighbor's Family Reunion when I set up the room block for her. That was two years ago when hotels were busier.

Hope everyone is having a Great Labor Day Weekend - JR and I went to the Mall yesterday afternoon and worked 3 - 4 hours. We have to go back the first of the week as did not get near done - we are going to take the weekend off. We are staying home and trying to let Eileen and Paul rest as well. Eileen said she does have to go to work Sunday - but going to try and make it early so she can take the afternoon and Monday off.

For those in Texas - the Grapevine Winefest is (4) days this year Sept. 17, 18, 19, 20. JR and I will be working at the Mall from 5 to 10 P.M. on the 18th. (One time we got home after 1:00 A.M. - so a little hard to get away when working) We may go a little earlier like we did year before last - we sat on benches with iced lemonade - watched the people dancing in the street and heard the LOUD Music from the two band stands/entertainers. We won't be doing any dancing. Watching some of those people is a blast - all sizes - shapes and every kind of apparel. For those that have not been to Grapefest - over 250,000 people come (except last year Katrina rained out Saturday) the entire downtown is blocked off and you can only walk in or come on the Trams or Horse Drawn Buckboards. There is a Fee to attend - like going to the Fair. Booths line the entire downtown streets selling everything trinkets, crafts, clothing, jewelry - whatever (food and wine as well) There have been White Bengal Tigers and the Clydesdales on Display - as well as a Climbing Wall and one year a Snow Slide. I don't think that went over so well with TX heat - so "snow" not likely again.

Love, to All, JR and Janell


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