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Hotels - Las Colinas, TX by Janell Rose
This morning I called the Area Mgr. at ALoft - at 2:30 P.M. I am still waiting - had a message been out for holiday - will return calls later. I sill surely get an answer later today. In the meantime - we are only 6 miles from DFW Airport and I counted over 30 hotels on the way to Grapevine last Friday. I got on the computer today and put in Las Colinas - Irving, TX and there are 251 Hotels in Irving. Of course this is because we are within 6 miles of DFW Airport and same distance from Love Field where Southwest is the primary airline. The rates are ALL very reasonable - especially on weekends - much less than we paid in Tulsa when we went for the Reunion at Judy and Hank's lovely home. I think you may want to look at some of these websites yourself as JR and I have always been very economical - however, particular about where we stayed. I want to be sure a hotel is VERY CLEAN - has good beds and pillows. We have some really nice hotels within 2 - 3 miles of our house.

Please put Las Colinas - Irving, TX in SEARCH and you will be able to pull up "Hotels for Everyone" 1-800-916-8592 - Yahoo.Travel Las Colinas Hotels. The list is long. You will be able to view the Hotels, Rates and also the rooms, etc.

Even the night manager at ALoft suggested we look at Priceline before she told me to call for a block of rooms. There are no shortage of hotels and the "Hotels for Everyone" gives you the exact distance from Las Colinas which is just "down the hill" from our house. We have walked it before in our younger years - when things were going on in Las Colinas (not anymore down that hill and back) I would say the center of Las Colinas is within 2 miles of our house. The Rate at ALoft is very good - but there are even less expensive rates at nice hotels - especially for Friday and Saturday nights. (I am always a little leary of really low rates) When JR and I came back from AR last Oct. we paid $125. at Best Western in Texarkana - I have been surprised how reasonable the rates are at local Hotels. It must be # of the hotels and the economy. (Bet the rates go up in 2011 when the SuperBowl comes to the area.)

As you start up the hill on O'Connor Rd. from Las Colinas - The new Corner Bakery Cafe is on the Left by Bank Of America and LePeep is on the Right. Restaurants are all over Las Colinas as well along MacArthur. I wish there was time to gather up brochures and send out on the area - next time we do this - I will. Please let me know if I can assist further. AND once I hear from the ALoft Area Mgr. I will post the info. We are really looking forward to this reunion. It would be wonderful if everyone could come.

Leah - saw your note and so sorry - but we do understand. Sandra said when she went with Julie and Sybil to see Judy and Hank - some of your family may come. We really hope so. Love to All, JR and Janell


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