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Reunion Info by Janell Rose
Can not believe the time for our Reunion is almost here - we are looking forward to seeing everyone. Julie had said "not seen anything on RoseNose lately" So - will look forward to hearing from everyone with your input. This is what we know so far:

Oh yes, before I forget - for those dear family members that are driving - if you have folding chairs - please bring.

We are ordering Brisket and Ham from Springcreek (without sauce) Will have the barbecue sauce "hot" beside the meat so you can add if you want.

Fried Catfish from TopCat - of course can not have Catfish without ColeSlaw.

I have heard from Judy Rose with this wonderful list:
Mary - Fruit Salad
Helen - Baked Beans
Judy - Pound Cake
Heather - Some type of dessert
Ange - Ramen Noodle Salad
Linda - Corn Dip with Chips

We have Sam's Wholesale on one side of us and Costco on the other. We already have Plastic Tableware - we will get Napkins, PaperPlates, Glasses, etc. I will get with Eileen and purchase all ingredients for Salads. For those coming long distances - please bring something that will be easy for you. Don't do a lot of cooking. I will make a Potato Salad - JR has a particular potato salad he likes - I know other people made a totally different potato salad - so someone else may also want to bring another potato salad. Should we purchase the gallon tea containers or make our own tea? Different dinners we have gone to - it seems to be the "thing" to purchase the jugs of "sweet tea." You tell me. We will make Lemonade. What kind of soft drinks do you like so we can purchase this week?

Also - we have a couple ice cream freezers and are talking about home made ice cream for later in the afternoon. Just everyone give your suggestions - we will fill in whatever needs to be added.

It seems nearly everyone is coming in Friday afternoon/evening - Please come on over if you are not too tired. Eileen and I thought we would get Pizza we can put in the oven - chips, dips, spreads, cheese, crackers - whatever for snacking Friday evening.

PLUS - JR will be making a bonfire (if it is not raining) on Friday and Saturday. I will be looking for all your suggestions. Looking forward to a wonderful time with everyone visiting. JR and Janell


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