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Miss You by Janell Rose
Jeff, Thanks for your note - we are going to really miss you - your lovely wife and little dog. Andy would love to play again. (I hope he behaves during this company - he thinks he is the center of attention AND he loves ZOE.) Jeff, we are so hopeful that Henry might be able to come on Sat. and bring Judy and Hank. Sybil is staying in one bedroom and we have the other two bedrooms ready for Judy and Hank. We know it would be a long trip for them - if they could have a lot of pillows and sleep on the way - maybe could make it. We took my Father back and forth after surgery a few times from Irving to Tahlequah. I talked with Henry last week - he said they would "discuss." It would be wonderful if they could be here. Also - we are still hopeful that Randy & Denise might be able to come. Randy has been working weekends - so we do understand. Randy did say that Shari was dong wonderful (and I am still waiting on an EMail from Shari.) We just are not able to get all this wonderful family together with us so far apart. Like Sandy says - we should have had a commune. It does seem we are going to have some of the young group with John Wesley's Margaret, Thomas. Julie with Jennie, Julian, Hopefully James & Linda will have Katherine with them. Our "Catherine" or Caty as we call her is coming in from Hendrix with Russ & Carolyn Thur night. We hope Jaclyn can come from UT - if she is not working on a project - it will be so good to see these young ones be able to visit together. They missed all the wonderful times that all you "kids" had at Christie. I still can hardly keep back the tears when I think of those lovely times at Christie when Mom and Dad had wall to wall beds in the living and dining room. How, I would like to have had our Grandchildren know their dearest Great Grandparents.
For those that won't be able to come - you are really going to be missed. For all the dear people heading for TX on Friday - be safe and we are really looking forward to your arrival. Love, JR and Janell


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