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Weather by Janell Rose
Posted by Janell Rose ( on December 27, 2004 at 12:55:25:

Almost White Christmas - Did you wonderful people happen to see our weather reports - Yesterday's Paper had big inside headlines "Deep Freeze In the Heart of Texas." On the 23rd, early in the morn Eileen started calling to see if we had snow. They already had 2 - 3 inches in Keller (we had by afternoon) the news was covered over with all the wrecks in Ft Worth area (Tarrant Co) Of course Texans do not know how to drive in Snow - we don't have enough practice. All I know is I have completely turned a car around twice in snow and ice before I stopped working -after the last wreck, I told my office if the weather turns bad - "I won't be here." In one wreck a pickup hit the rear end of car (Trunk sprang up) turned the car sideways amd another car slid right into my driver's door. I like to have never got over the pain from that wreck - a side whiplash. Dr. said I had my head turned watching the car come at me. There was no way I could get out of the seat - all happened too quickly. Well, our area is covered over with accidents when we have this kind of weather. John went for 4 days to Iron Mountain, MI to see his Mother and had problems getting home. I talked with Carolyn around 10:30 P.M. on 23rd. She said John was at DFW waiting for flight - he finally got home after Midnite. I told her if he would just call us we would go get him (they came the next day) but his luggage had already gone on to College Station. Corpus Christi got nearly 5 inches of snow and Victoria had 10 inches - Victoria had 1/10 of inch in 1973 and previously had snow in 1918. Brazoria had 13 inches and even Galveston 3 to 4 inches. How weird is this - Global Warmning Weather or what? Anyway - only traces on Christmas Eve when everyone came home - enough for the Grandchildren to pelt each other with snowballs and warnings from Adults to not hit them. So no White Christmas - but colder than the dickens. We may not have the low temps of some other areas of the country - but we always have this Texas Wind - so the wind chill factor is terrible - chills you to the bone. Poor Birds - Jr. was trying to keep out feed - even the House Finch were picking at Sun Flower Seeds. Jr. will be back to the store this week for Bird Seed - he really keeps the feeders filled during the cold weather. And constantly battling the squirrels - puts pans and plastic over feeders so they "slide" off. They are always on the ground under the feeders when he puts out sunflower seeds. We have an abundance of squirrels - they drive Andy nuts. So much for weather report - the thing that really hurt is we went from 74 on Monday to the bone chilling freeze. Our Plants were still green outside until this cold spell. Stay Warm.


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