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Looking for More Young People by Janell Rose
Talking about getting these young people together - Judy mentioned that Heather, Justin and Charlotte may be able to come - Bill and Mary have more Grandchildren we would sure like to see - last time we visited - I think some of the young men were in Austin and may not able to come with their parents. Then we have Lisa & Patty - we sure would like to see your families. It has been so long since we have seen all these young people - I have a hard time keeping up with them and certainly know that I would not recognize. It would be really terrific if all these young people could come - they could take over JR's bonfire or at least keep the fire going. Randy and Denise - please give your Daughter our address and tell her we would like to have her come be with all the family. We are also expecting Benton Grandchildren from AR - at least we hope so if their sports don't take priority. See you Friday night or Saturday.


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