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Blessed by Janell Rose
Thank you to this terrific family for coming to Irving for the wonderful weekend we spent together at our little Reunion. Truly we all are so very blessed to have such a big wonderful, loving and supportive family. I was listening to Carolyn Benton talk about how much she appreciated the Rose Family and wish I had recorded her words for she truly said everything I have always felt. I could NEVER tell you what this family has meant to me through the last 50 plus years. JR and I were so happy to see everyone that came and we all really missed those that were unable to make the trip.

We wished we would have had a little more room - sometimes when the (9) members of our immediate family members are here for Holidays - we think we could use more room - we kow we definitely could have used more room this weekend. We had hoped we would have a beautiful weekend in the 70's - 80's so we could spread out on the deck and yard (that perfect October weather is forecast for four days this weekend.) Instead - it was quite brisk and a "brave group" huddled around Jr's little "fireplace." Regardless - we had a wonderful time and Thank each one of you for coming - for all you brought - your contributions and mostly for your wonderful selves. I would like to thank each one individually but I might leave someone out - so will do so only as a group.

Sandy and JR were sitting at the table last evening and counted 30 or 31 - I'm not sure which was their final count.

The food and friendship were wonderful and I need to get some of those recipes!!!

Tonight Sandy and Jim have left for the hotel to get some rest before Sandy's treatment tomorrow. After they left JR said he really thought Sandy was looking so much better this trip and he thought she had more energy. I this this group would give anyone energy AND we are so grateful for all the prayers that we know have encircled Sandy as well as other family members. JR and I have talked so many times about being glad we are in Irving and have been able to maybe help just a little by being supportive and have Jim and Sandy's delightful family visit our home. After not having the opportunity to be close for so many years - we would give anything to make Sandy's health perfect - but we will never regret her trips and really getting to know James, Courtney, Stacia and Zoe a little better. We saw Jim and Sandy through the years but their children are like ours - they grew up and were not always around. We just adore little ZOE - even Andy is so excited when he sees her get out of the car. One of these days - we still hope Todd can come as well.

An added delight was to have Sybil get to stay with us an extra couple days and go back to Pryor with Jim and Sandra. I am typing as Sybil went to take her shower and start some of her packing for the return trip tomorrow. Sybil and JR have done a lot of "catching up" on old times and I have been learning a little about the early years.

Hope everyone got home safely and get rested for your week. It was a long trip for everyone and you will never know how much we appreciated your making that trip to Irving. Love you all so much, JR and Janell


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