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Resting up for Next Time by Sandra
Let's see: Janell is thanking everyone for coming to Irving. Somehow "you're welcome" just does not seem the appropriate way to respond in this case. I say thank you, thank you Irving Roses for allowing us to bombard your home for what was a very nice reunion. Also, thanks to those who added to the wonderful food. When you get the Rose family and good food together, who needs sunshine??

Janell and Junior, "you done good!"

We missed all of you that were unable to be there. Did your ears burn?

Sure seems quiet today. I'm always a little melancholy when family departs after such a good time together. Was sorry to see most leave Sunday, but it was nice to spend some one-on-one with with Sybil and Junior talking about old times. Made me thankful I was one of the "after thoughts" and was around when Mom and Dad were "rich" (as Judy always said). Ha Ha Ha

Our trip home was uneventful, just long and tiring in the rain. Got home about 9:15 PM and Jennie and Julian picked up Sybil yesterday afternoon. I didn't succeed in convincing Sybil to stay with us another night or two, but I know she was anxious to get back home. Had a short but sweet visit with Jennie and Julian.

Looking forward to the next time!

Love you all so much,


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