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Turkeys Everywhere by Sandra
Hello Wonderful Ones,

Here's hoping everyone is well and looking forward to a warm and thankful family Thanksgiving tomorrow. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers.

Yesterday I commented to James how these brisk days and the holiday atmosphere always take me back to Thanksgivings and Christmases at Christie, always. We might not be able to be together for the holidays, but the magic that happened in that crooked little house, all the joy and laughter, lives on in my memories.

I'm so thankful we had such a nice reunion in Irving with Janell and Junior. They obviously pulled out all the stops. Thank you so much, Janell and Junior. We'll be looking forward to next time.

Stacia and Todd are entertaining his mother and sister from CA this year and James and Courtney will spend Thanksgiving with her parents. Jim and I had planned to go to Eureka Springs for the night and have turkey with the Van Woys and Sybil but.....

An ENT doctor in Dallas wants me to stay on mute for a while. I tried it for a week (no telephone and no conversations unless absolutely necessary) and part of my mouth problems were noticeably better. As much fun as traveling with my son is, I backslid a bit on the trip down and back. So it's mute and soup for a few more weeks. I'm not sure what is next if this doesn't work.

Therefore, there is no way I can go to Eureka and not visit with my dear sister and her family and certainly not be able to partake of the feast! Makes me sad!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Will be thinking of you.

Much love to all,

And the turkey that Obama saved from the cleaver, was named "Courage"? HA HA HA


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