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In the Oven by Janell Rose
Happy Thanksgiving Dear Family - I came in to check ROSENOSE since I am pulling late duty waiting on Cornbread Dressing to bake.

Our top oven went out a week ago - making it a bigger challenge to get Thanksgiving dinner together with one little 18" oven. I have been busy all day and ready to crash. Started out this morning picking over the cranberries to wash and cook - made the Relish with Cranberries, Apples, Oranges and pecans. Sandy, you definitely could not eat this. Then cooked turkey parts for broth (with the oven out, I ordered a smoked turkey) but still need turkey broth for cornbread dressing. Finished the sweet potato casserole for trip to the Hensy's tomorrow - plus an extra one for our senior neighbor. Finally got the cornbread dressing in the oven and now waiting about an hour so I can go to bed. I needed to do this today as the smoked turkey still has to go in the oven for a couple hours in the morning before we go to Keller. Sure miss that oven. We will show up with our part of dinner tomorrow and put in Eileen's oven to warm and finish browning. GEEZ - hate to lose that oven. Can't last forever tho - was installed in 1974 - but replacing is going to be a pain. Gas ovens are now almost all 30" instead of 24".

JR and I went to Sears and Lowes last week and did some looking at ovens - we had discussed we were going to need a new cooktop/counter top before too long before the oven went out. All are 36 years old. In order to replace the oven, it is going to require some remodeling in the kitchen We will probably put in a "Slide-In oven/cooktop and change our area for pots/pans to the space where the double oven is now because other alternatives are so expensive. I dread getting into this remodeling, we don't plan most of these chores - they come about because of necessity - like the water leaks. Necessity is forcing us to upgrade this 1956 house. JR says we can surely wait until after 1st. of the year. Can't see getting someone to start remodeling the kitchen and be in a bigger mess over Christmas.

Like Sandy, Holidays always bring back our memories of Christie and the wonderful times we all had with Mom and Dad. We were so blessed and they are always in our hearts. JR has been going back even farther than Christie for the past couple weeks - Sybil sent a book "Jake the Woodsman" about Eugene Boyd in the 30's. Ben Boyd the author is Eugene's younger brother. JR and I have both read the book and he has been continually making comments about something he remembers from those old hills. The book has opened up "floodgates" for JR. He said Eugene and Dad had a little disagreement over a Deer one time. They both shot the deer - but there seems to an understanding among hunters that the first one to shoot owns the deer - even if the other shot killed the deer. So, Dad got the deer. JR. said his Dad never trusted Eugene as he was always in the woods and he thought he might be eating some of their pigs. Then he told about Dad, JR and Tommy going on a fishing trip near where Eugene used to camp and staying the night - they were noodling for fish on one of the streams. The next morning Tommy took off on his own with the mule - he somehow fell and at the same time saw a snake, he thought he got snake bit and made a beeline for home leaving the mule. Turned out he had fallen and skinned his arm - not a snake bite. When Dad and JR got home - they found out the mule was still tied up a few miles away. JR said Dad sent him after the mule and he was already exhausted from their two day trip. The stories have just gone on and on - including JR, Bill and Tommy staying Christmas Day in the "potato house" when James was born. JR said he was about 6, Bill around 4 and Tommy only about 2 years old and those little kids were out there with an old wood stove in a little potato house they could hardly stand up in. I said, "you were baby sitting a 2 year old?" JR, said, "I wasn't baby sitting - they were taking care of their selves." Sybil, you really opened the barn door for "all these stories" I should be recording them - but then he would quit talking.

Everyone have a Wonderful Thanksgivng - we love you all so much. JR and Janell


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