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Time for Fun by Janell Rose
I have a comic strip on my Refrig. that I want to share - it is from "Baby Blues." Seeing it would be more fun - but I Don't know how to get it on RoseNose. So here goes description:

Mother is looking under the kitchen cabinet and says, "Nuts!" Little ZOE said "What?" Mother - "I totally forgot what I was looking for." Zoe reaches under the cabinet and comes out with an ice cream scoop - she says "Here it is!" Mother looks at her and says "That's Not It." Zoe looks at her Mother and ask, "How Do You Know?"

OK - I'm not quite that bad yet - but it sure hits home. JR and I find that the comic strip "Pickles" often relates to us these days. Call me looney - but I usually read the comics before the headlines.

Thanks Jeff, glad you enjoyed the Sweet Potato Casserole. We sure missed all the Tankersleys, Tommy's family, Glen's family and John Wesley's at the reunion. Love you all and hope everyone can get together in another year. Our visit with Hank and Judy was too short - but we are so glad we went to Tulsa - Henry, Jeff and Cindy - you made them a lovely, warm cozy new home. The art really made it familiar - Hank pointed to all the pictures in the window and both sides of the window and said they were the most important art. How true - nothing more important than family. Hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather - this has been a wonderful weather week - we know it has to change. Love to All, JR and Janell


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