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Brrrrrrrrr....... by Sandra
Yes, Janell, it's time for fun! The other day I read your post and ended up sitting here for, I know, an hour reading more of the "Pickles" comics on line. There's a confirmation in those lines that brings a sense of comfort.....just add that to the fun!

Today Jim and I did errands in Muskogee. While passing by K-Mart I noticed a big number of gulls sitting on the outer edge of the parking lot...just sitting there in the cold. I felt sorry for them and suggested we go to McDonald's and get some french fries for them. Jim looked at me like I was crazy. It's all about having fun, right? We got the fries, which I tried to cool on the drive back to the parking lot, but I discovered gulls don't care how hot they are. Ever fed gulls? If you do, you better be prepared to leave the area, or you could get a new dye/paint job! I began to wonder if they would follow our car home. Anyway, it just felt good.

Tuesday I go for scans again. Before these scans, and the treatment, too, I feel like the weary guy in the tattered clothing dragging himself across the desert begging for water. Perhaps it's just in my mind. I would feel much better if the mouth problems would go away. With the help of four doctors plus my dentist I've tried everything but the eye of newt and toe of frog, all to no avail. I guess it's just something I have to cope with. Being on mute is a new experience for me; I'm sure not monopolizing any conversations!

I'm assuming everyone has just as much or more to do than I in preparing for Christmas, so we can't accept any excuses for not saying a hello here now and then. It would be better if you said a little more than "hello", but "hello" alone is always music to the ears.

Love you all. Stay warm and I hope you have to use your toes to count all your blessings.




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