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misc ramblings by Jeff Tankersley
I have no idea if the rest of this family has a problem with this, but as much as I would love to be able to say that dancing comes easily for me, it just ain't so. Jodi and I went to a party last night at the home of a good friend's girlfriend, who is a profesional dance instructor, and so it was that we all got swing dance lessons- very discouraging. Even with individual help, it seems pretty hopeless, but we will continue trying at home. Wish us luck. She actually teaches ballroom dancing, and several of our friends are involved, so hopefully we can figure it out.
Today is the warmest day we have had in a week. Friday morning was the coldest- 16 below zero. Lots of snow last Monday and Tuesday also. Jodi and I have been getting a lot of good and needed excercise shoveling out Taz Marie's dog pen, and the driveways and patios, sidewalks, etc. This mornig it is almost thirty degrees! A heat wave.
For the first time in my life, we went out in the woods and cut down a Christmas tree. Some good friends were going out and asked if we would like to join them. Got a permit from the forest service, made some hot chocolate for the thermos, put on the warm outdoor clothing, and trekked into the great outdoors. It was a really good time, slogging about in the snow, through the timber, trying to find just the right specimen. We had driven up into the backcountry, above where we live, where the snow was probably eighteen inches or so, climbing up and down hills in pursuit of the perfect tree. My friend laughed when I brought out my chosen tool, a thirty inch pruning saw, as did I when he pulled his saw from his pocket- six inch folding variety. He had made the better choice.
An hour later, with three beautiful trees in the truck, we were on our way home.
That tree is now beautifully decorated in the den, and now we are doing the rest of the house with garland that we went out and collected yesterday (Saturday). We got boughs from all of the different evergreen tree varieties, along with cattails,sage, and other unidentified weeds and plants that would make nice floral arrangements and decorations, and I am now going about sprucing up the home for our annual holiday party on Christmas Eve.
Hope all are well, and love to all--


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