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Shoveling in the Northeast by Leah Jean
I'm sure most of you have heard of the Nor'easter that hit the Maryland and the rest of the Northeast this week. It was a pretty good one. I didn't actually take any "official" measurements but my yard accumulated over a foot of snow in one day. Got my driveway cleaned off about 1/2 way though before a few of the neighbors came by with their snowblowers. That was real sweet of them. Plus they were men who probably just wanted to play with their nice little toys since last year had no significant snowfall. And they were very nice blowers. Cleaned the rest of my driveway off very nicely. I'm sure hoping though that this snowfall isn't setting a precedence for the rest of the Winter! I may have to donate money for gas refills for the neighbor's machines. ;)

There was 2 good things about this snowfall. The first was that I (hopefully) wore off one of these pounds that I gained recently from too much eating. At work we've had a couple of office "pig-ins". And the company had its holiday party which always has tons of food and drink. Fortunately I came a little late this year and skipped the before dinner snacking. [Not sure how to spell "aerdeuvers"?] But unfortunately they had a large selection of deserts after the meal and I rather enjoyed it thoroughly. Yum! Got to wear the cocktail dress I'd had made in Thailand and got a few compliments. It was kind of funny because the dress was sleeveless and came with a long wrap ... like an old fashioned fur stole but made of silk (matched the dress). I was wondering how I was going to manage the wrap because I'd never worn anything like that before. But fortunately the party was held at a nice hotel where company members could rent rooms at a discount so I left my purse in the room. Whew! It was still a bit of bother trying to keep the thing fitting just "perfectly" around my shoulders. It was kind of fun though. :)

And the 2nd good thing (bet you forgot there were 2) was that a Saturday cookie swap party was called off. Man, talk about gaining weight possibilities! And the woman running the show wanted us to each bring 7 dozen cookies! Fortunately, we didn't have to though and could just show up. But all that sugar in front of me??? Yikes! Glad it was cancelled.

I just printed off the last few months of entries on the RoseNose to send to Mom and Dad. Now that they don't have a computer its the least I can do. That way Mom can keep reading them over and over again if she wants. :)

Hope that my windshield wiper fluid is working fine tomorrow. This is the kind of weather car wash owners just love. But at least I now have a 4 wheel drive Honda CR-V so that should help.



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