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Holiday Greetings! by Leah Jean
Just got thru talking to Mom and Dad on the phone (Hank and Judy) and it was a pleasure. Also talked to Cindy before that and she's doing just fine. Unfortunately Henry and she won't be visiting Mom and Dad today because of the nasty blizzard that hit Oklahoma. The main roads are probably pretty descent now but Cindy lives on a pretty narrow deadend side street that is hard to negotiate when it is good weather. She said that people weren't even trying to turn around to get out but were backing down the street. At least the snow has melted off of the top of her car but she said the wind built up such drifts. And she said that it must have been about 4-7". For Tulsa that is amaaaaazing! But it will probably all be gone in a few days. Unlike our snow that we got last weekend which has very slightly melted. We still have to be careful up here in Maryland because it was hard to plow all of the 12+ inches off the roads so a few roads with 4 lanes are more like 3 lanes in width. Makes for some interesting "think fast" tactics.

The main reason I wanted to write this message though was because I saw this bit of news about something involving President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela that I had to share. But for those of you who don't know who he is off hand, let me give you some background. Chavez is an obnoxious, overbearing, and pugnacious guy who really really doesn't like the U.S. Not to mention that he is slowly trying to turn his country into a dictatorship. He's so obnoxious that he got yelled at by King Juan Carlos of Spain at some international meeting of (I think it was) Hispanic countries (South America, Central America, Spain, etc.). The King told him to sit down and shut up! Well, of course Chavez demanded and apology after that. Don't know if he ever got one though. [Snicker.] I'm sure he didn't deserve it because he is notorious for blurting out very undiplomatic stuff and for rambling on "ad nauseum". But anyway, Chavez has been having a running battle of words and other things like border skirmishes with his next door neighbor Colombia for several months now. And whether he is doing this because (1) he is looking for an excuse (like Hitler) to expand his power and take over another country, (2) he hates the Colombians because they are receiving military and other kinds of aid from the U.S., ... or who knows what else ... it really doesn't matter. He's been spouting off at the Colombians for a while now.

So here is the press blurb:
"Colombia on Monday dismissed Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's charges that drones flying from Colombia are spying on him, with a senior official saying Venezuelan troops instead may have seen "Father Christmas' sleigh."

Ho, ho, ho! [And he, he, he.] :)



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