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Late Christmas Wishes by Janell Rose
Altho late - we send a very sincere wish - we hope everyone had a blessed and happy Christmas with family and friends.

With the Snow Blizzard and 150 flights cancelled at DFW we were anxious about the 7 members of the Deming and Lipe family making their trip to San Francisco since the blizzard also covered Ok and right on. We hope they were able to make their flight and have a wonderful 4 days in the SUN.

Dallas news said we had the first WHITE Christmas since 1926 - so it was a big event. The Hensy family had 6 - 8 inches with really treacherous roads (Zach arrived after a very long blizzard drive from Denver around 2:00 P.M. in time to spend Chriustmas Eve with them.) Because of weather conditions, Jr and I were home alone Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was a lonely Christmas but we did have a nice visit Monday Evening and Tuesday with all Eileen's family, Carolyn and John before Christmas. Carolyn and John came Monday evening - Paul, Eileen. Caty and Jaclyn arrived to help prepare dinner and we visited late. Then we all got together again Tuesday afternoon and evening. With the severe weather coming in Paul's parents came from Tulsa ahead of the storn on Wednesday. Because of my terrible cold (I came down with a really bad cold Sat. before Christmas and hope I didn't share) Carolyn and John decided to go home Wednesday morning and I went to bed for the afternoon. Due to other plans they were originally going back on Thursday. We sure did miss everyone over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but the Hensys were snowed in (our snow had melted by Christmas afternoon except on North side of house.) JR and I decided to not go to their house Christmas afternoon as their roads were still bad and also by the time we had Christmas Dinner and visited - we would be driving back on refrozen icy roads which is not our forte these days. We have enough problems minding our driving on dry roads, news reported over 400 accidents with some fatalities. Texans do NOT know how to drive in these weather conditions. Back when I was working for Philco/Ford - our manager was from Philadelphia - he would send us home early saying "you need to get home away from these crazy TX Drivers."

Eileen, Caty, Jaclyn and Zach left around noon today to do some quick shopping and go to a movie matinee, then they are dropping Zach off to spend the evening with us - so we are looking forward to the evening and maybe get out of this house and go to dinner. Tomorrow - Zahary is going on to College Station and in January starting a job search in Austin. We are really glad to have him back in TX where we can see him more often. He was sure missed while going to college in Denver.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year - our prayers and thoughts are with this Dear Family. Love you all so much. JR and Janell


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