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May your New Year be Bright! by Sandra
Just to let everyone know, the Griswolds returned home safely Tuesday night. We were undaunted by any delays due to the weather and had the most wonderful trip to San Francisco. It went by far too fast, but with not a moment wasted while we were there, I'm having a hard time remembering all the feel good things we did.

The food was fabulous, but I doubt anyone gained any weight. When we weren't riding cable cars or busses we were WALKING! That ZoE! What a little trooper. It fascinated me to watch her little feet making far more steps than we had to on those hills. She loves adventure, and we sure had that!

Everything and everyone is fine here. I think I'm still a little jet lagged, but, after the blizzard we left in, home sure looked good. Due to the weather, we had gone to Tulsa on the 23rd to avoid the possibility of not being able to get to Tulsa the next day. Christmas Eve in Tulsa created some excitement with all the snow. Considering it was the third worst blizzard in Oklahoma, we felt fortunate to be able to follow through with our plans. What an experience!!!

If anyone needs a good guide for San Francisco, call James. He, too, makes a great Santa Claus, but don't ever tell ZoE that.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE!!! I pray for good health and much contentment for everyone in 2010. Keep your senses of humor, ride the waves of life and be ever thankful for all our yesterdays together and anticipate many good tomorrows.

I love you all.


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