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Are you out there? by Sandra
Where is everyone? Or, maybe Janell and I are the only ones lonely? I'm kidding. I know Janell doesn't get lonely for there is no one busier than she is. We're just interested in what you are doing.

Oh, Leah Jean, you made me laugh. NO, we didn't visit Wally World, not in San Francisco, for gosh sakes (not sure there is one there, didn't see one)!!! The precedent for Wally World would have to be the Chinese Emporium in China Town, but I dare say there are things there that would close down a Wally World, especially in small town America. You'll have to have Stacia tell you about it!!

What am I doing? I'm cleaning closets. I've decided everyone should move every five years at the least, just to keep from accumulating junk. All the things I've kept because "I might need that someday" are going to be gone. Where did I get this "collecting curse"? Could it have been from Mom and Dad? Nah!!!!!

Stacia and James are coming over for the weekend, sans Courtney, Todd and ZoE, to help me sort a life time of pictures. I wonder just how much we will get done, because it will be hard to "work" while they are here. I expect a lot of clowning around. James hopes to collect more pictures to post on Rosenose. Some could have the caption "do you know who this is?". We will try not to embarrass anyone, or Not.

I guess the earth is once again upright for the sun is shining. We still have snow on the ground and on the roof in places. It's a good time to be thinking about gardening. The Burpee Catalog sits there tempting me.

Just wanted to say hi and maybe light a fire.

Love you all,


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