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Lookin' for warmth. by Leah Jean
Yes, the state of Maryland finally got higher temperatures and we're lookin' for the rest of our snow to go away. Fortunately we had some heavy rains a few weeks ago to clean out most of the snow. Then it turned real cold again and windy so we just all went inside and hid again. We've gotten a few snow flurries but fortunately those haven't amounted to much. Can't wait for this winter to go away! Getting tired of lookin' at all the cars that are coated in ugly gray! I experienced the childish urge to write "clean me" in the parking log one day on seeing a car that was completely covered in reject slush residue. But the idea of getting the stuff on my finger cured me real quick.

Had my back patio door replaced yesterday and it sure got drafty in the house. I hide upstairs and did what made me warmest ... ironed. A guy at Home Depot told me that it was amazing how many people don't realize that when replacing a door, there is a period when a big hole exists in the side of your house. Sigh. To tell the truth though, I kind of welcomes an airing out of the house. But maybe not quite that much. The temperature was in the low to mid 30's. But I ironed and watched T.V. so the small little bedroom stayed comfortable warm. It was a bit snug though since I had to bring up all my house plants too.

Had to replace the patio door because I just couldn't take looking at that nasty thing anymore. One side of the large double paned sliding door had lost its seal and moisture was getting in. Not much fun lookin' out your back door thru very streaked and mucky glass. So I bit the bullet and had it done in January. But now I have to paint the trim and stain the oak inside wood. Fortunately I've got a few other painting and staining projects to do so maybe that will give me more incentive. I'm hopin' anyway.

And you are talking about seeds already, Sandra? The ground is rock solid! I think you need to move to Florida or Arizona. But then it sure got cold way down in Florida too for a short while. ;)

Someone at work sent me pictures of an eastern or western European location where they'd had some really serious snow! The houses were completely covered and their cars were buried in snow about 2 feet over their roofs! Someone took pictures inside of a house where the snow had caved in a window ... and you still didn't see any daylight! The family was also tunnelling into the snow to get to their cars. I really had to wonder why they were even bothering to do that because they sure weren't going anywhere! Guess you had to do something though to keep from going crazy. Talk about cabin fever!

So be happy with the little we've gotten. And just be thrilled that you aren't leaving down where Janell is and nobody knows how to drive in snow. I remember that very well when I was living in San Antonio and they got about 5" one year. I stayed in doors!

Cuddles and snuggles,


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