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Shhhhhh. Don't mention "ice". by Leah Jean
Janell, the title of your message gave me the chills. Let's just all not talk any more about snow or ice and maybe it will all go away soon. [Ha, ha, ha, ... ] And its good I'm not a betting woman because I wouldn't want to know the odds of that happening. Can't complain too much lately though because our highs are back in the 40s again. Just in time because I got my gas/electric bill and it was double the last bill! Yikes!

Janell, those recipes sound awfully good. Do you know, I have no idea what a parsnip tastes like? I'm not sure I've ever eaten one. Certainly never cooked with one.

But cooking is not something I do much of. This old house has a pretty tiny kitchen so I have to do a major cleanup before doing any major cooking. Hopefully I will eventually get the unneeded door in there removed and put in more counter space and shelves. Big shelves too so I can finally get my rather large mixer off of the floor. Makes a great door stop though. ;) There are a few other things on the floor too because they won't even fit in the shelves. And what shelves there are are already pretty full ... and it took some serious strategic planning to get that done. This house has some of the narrowest shelves. A couple are only wide enough to fit 3 regular sized boxes of cereal across! I really have to wonder how the previous family with 2 boys and a girl managed to live here. And before the days of dishwashers? Geeeez. It is kind of like living in an apartment. Well. At least it doesn't take long to clean it.

Stayin' snug,


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