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Home Sweet Home by Janell Rose
Leah, would love to see your house - it sounds so pretty and interesting. You don't know what a little kitchen is until you see ours. A year ago at Thanksgiving (the whole family was jammed in our little kitchen, I don't know why when we start cooking, here comes the whole crew) Paul was standing in the kitchen thinking about what we could do to enlarge it. I told him we raised two children in this house - now it is just the two of us, we can manage. Actually, our kitchen (and other rooms) has more room now than when we moved in - we made a little more room when we changed our cabinets back in the late 1970's and then JR built two corner cabinets I don't know what I would do with out. Now that we are putting in a Kitchen Range and taking out the double oven - it is going to give us more storage space and getting the microwave off the kitchen cabinet is going to be a whole new experience. I will be able to use a 2 door cabinet that I have not been able to use without moving the microwave everytime I want to open the cabinet doors. The contractor is going to make a built-in shelf for the microwave above the area for our pots/pans. Not looking forward to the mess (contractor starts on kitchen about the middle of next week) but sure will appreciate when it is over.

Hey 'Ya all" out there - not leaving you out while chatting with Leah - what are you doing anyway. I come in here and look at RoseNose every day. It is very disappointing to see no additions. Hope everyone is staying warm. The last week has been unbelievable here - in the high 70's. I went outside this morning, we had barely a sprinkle last night and it was so warm - almost like a Spring Day after a rain. We are enjoying because we know it won't last. I hope it does last through Sandy's trip to Dallas next week. Every time - it seems they have the worst driving weather. My Brother sent an Email today and said they have another big snow forecast in Flagstaff so we may not hear from them again until the Spring thaw. I felt so bad for him last time - he spent two days shoveling snow off roof tops to keep from damaging. JEFF, do you have to do that in your area? OK, it is bedtime, JR has already said I have to get up early in the morn. and be ready to leave for an Estate Sale by 8:00. Love to All and keep warm. JR and Janell


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