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Sybil's 87! by Julie V
Just spoke to ma on the phone--today's her birthday and she's in bed with a cold, poor thing. Phyllis, a friend of ours from Rogers (John Wesley's old friend Joe Stair's wife)is staying there this week and checking on her. Phyllis is running the cottages for me while I am in St. Louis with John and John Henry, the 2 cats and the dog. Speaking of living in tight quarters, I don't think I've ever eaten so much hair in my life. I will be so HAPPY to get home this spring (waiting in the car on the last day of school!) Must admit it will be hard to return to Eureka's schools as they pale compared to St. Louis'.
Thomas placed first band, third chair, (french horn)last weekend so gets to compete in state next month. He was so proud and we phoned John Wesley and let him brag! Thomas is going to go to UA in Fayetteville next fall--we will be happy to have him close by. Margaret is doing great in school, and Nick just started his master's at UNLV. Jennie even got the bug and started back to school and bumped Julian up into third grade. I am so proud of all of them!
Update on John Wesley's case. Congressman Boozman is going to meet with the Qatari Ambassador in DC and see what he can do to help us. We have met with Boozman several times and he is such a kind man, yet very forceful, and we have a lot of hope hanging on him. He has asked us to keep this quiet (out of media etc) and do nothing but be as sweet as sugar at this time. It feels wonderful to do "nothing" for a time!


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