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Happy B'day, Sybil! by Leah Jean
Julie, if Sybil doesn't get on the Rosenose, would you please wish her a big happy birthday from me. And I hope she is feeling better soon.

Your mother is soooooo cool. I will always remember the story of how you and her were out chasing cows and calves around your little farm. And Sybil was not any youngster then. The things that people do in this family always inspire me to keep doing crazy things no matter my age.

Okay, Janell. Jr. on the roof at his age would make me a little nervous. But it's cool he still does it. And I'll bet you can't help being a little proud of him too.

Okay, enough being gushy. And guess what rhymes with gushy? Slushy. Apparently that's the weather we are getting up here in Maryland tonight and thru tomorrow. So you all with weather in the 60's+ or even 50's ... pleeeeeease send it this way.

Guess who.


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